Join Our Monthly Program (But Space is Limited!)

VIP Wellness Program

Taking charge of your health and well-being can only start with you—but we’ve made it a little easier to get there! With our VIP Wellness Program, you can get massage as often as you need to, and you’ll get an exclusive discount price.

When you join, you pay:

Only $58 per month!

You get all of the following:

  • One 60 minute massage for the month
  • Additional 60 minute massages within that month for only $58 each!
  • All 60 minute massages are a full 60 minutes (not 50 minutes)
  • No fees to start or stop program
  • 30 day rollover for unused massages
  • Get a conplimentary 60 minute massage for every client you refer into the program (you must hold an active membership to qualify)
  • No time commitment!

And the best part? You are not locked into a contract! (We don’t like getting locked into long contracts, so why would we make you do it?) It is month-to-month—so just cancel it before your next month’s charge. It’s that simple!

***But space is limited! We only have spots open up when someone cancels, so call us today to see if we have any spots available!

*This monthly wellness program requires a commitment to a monthly pre-pay system with a credit or debit card. However, this program can be cancelled at any time; no long-term commitment required!