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Powerful Effects of Massage Therapy

February 15th, 2017 • Posted by Mary Nix • Permalink

Anyone who has ever received a massage by a professional massage therapist knows how wonderful they feel afterwards, but they might not know how regular massage therapy provides real physical benefits. If you or someone you know is struggling with health issues, it might be helpful to add regular massage as part of a treatment plan. There is nothing for anyone to lose and possibly quite a bit to gain from receiving regular massages.

Of course, most people know that massage helps to decrease muscle tension and muscle spasms, but other powerful effects of massage include actually improving muscle tone and helping to prevent or delay muscular atrophy. This is an important tool for those who are mainly inactive due to injury or poor health. Massage increases blood circulation and nutrition to muscles and connective tissues by opening up blood vessels. This is of great help to those who struggle with poor circulation.

Massage therapy helps to eliminate waste products as well. The lactic and carbonic acids that build up after strenuous activity, causing cramping, are reduced. In addition, toxin and debris elimination through the lymph system increases. Massage hastens elimination of harmful particles in synovial fluid that surrounds joints, thereby reducing swelling and pain. Massage also helps the kidneys to further eliminate salt and fluids. For those who have problems with anxiety or excessive stress, the right type of massage can literally have a sedating effect on an individual's nervous system, which helps the individual feel more relaxed and calm.

Are you ready to experience the beneficial effects of massage therapy? Then please contact us today for an appointment.


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