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What are Active Release Techniques?

May 10th, 2017 • Posted by Mary Nix • Permalink

If you have ever thought that all massages are basically the same, you are not alone.  In the past, most people experienced massage therapy as a special treat while on vacation or perhaps as a spa gift for their birthday.  They knew massages made them feel more relaxed but did not know they could offer real healing benefits to the injured.

Active Release Techniques or ART, are specific massage methods that therapists used to treat individuals who experienced a soft tissue or repetitive motion injury.  These individuals often did not respond to more traditional methods of healing.  Sports figures frequently fit into this category as they have a tendency to overuse their muscles and/or injure themselves when performing in professional athletic activities.

Individuals with symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling or aching muscles often respond to ART methods.  During an ART massage, the therapist will use their hands to discover any tears or breaks in the client's ligaments, tendons or muscle filaments.  Once discovered, the therapist applies specific techniques to move the surrounding muscle through its full range of motion.  The goal is to remove any scar tissue or adhesions to restore proper nerve conduction and allow blood and lymph fluid to flow freely throughout the area. 

Clients with issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sciatica, poor posture, chronic headaches, shin splints, and knee or ankle injuries, often respond well to ART massage methods. 

If you are struggling with healing after an injury or from a medical issue, talk to your doctor or physical therapist to see if they think ART massage could be helpful to you. 

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