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Why Does Massage Therapy Work? The Science Behind Massage

March 15th, 2017 • Posted by Mary Nix • Permalink

Massage therapy is one of the more widely accepted 'alternative' medical treatments in Western culture. More and more conventional doctors are seeing the benefits the treatment has and are more likely than ever to prescribe it as part of patient's recovery plan. Often, those who have had massage therapy could go on and on about its benefits, but what's the scientific backing for all this physical and mental improvement? Why does massage therapy work?

The simplest explanation is really two-fold. First of all, the physical reasons for improvement are most often tied to improved blood flow, blood oxygen, and a clearing of the body's systems, which allows them to run more efficiently. By increasing the level and quality of blood and oxygen getting to the tissues, the body doesn't have to work quite so hard for what it needs, allowing for lower stress levels and reduced pain. Massage also allows the body to maintain its natural alignment more easily, which reduces stress buildup and pain caused by poor posture.

Secondly, Western culture as a whole tends to have very little faith in the body's natural systems. If something goes wrong, there must be a high-tech and expensive solution. Massage therapy does a lot to reverse that line of thinking by showing just how effective the body is at healing and maintaining itself when given proper room and care to do so. The result of this is often a markedly increased mood as the patient feels more connected and in control of their health.

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